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Drawing up the letters

Attention: the rights of domain ownership can't be transfere on the ground of the letter fax copy, and no answers to these faxes will be sent.

In a case of organization:

The letter should be stamped by the seal of organization sending it. If the letter is singed by a person not authorized by company rules (Director, General Director, Rector or Chairman of Board have such powers), there should be reference in this letter to the document stating his/her authorities (letter of attorney, order), for example: "on the ground of power of attorney No______ dated by_______", or "on the ground of Order No_____ dated by______". The copy should be in native language and the notarized translation of the power of attorney into Russian must be provided.

In a case of individual:

Please send the original letter by mail to the following address: Russia, 443013, Samara, Moskovskoe Shosse, 17, o.2103, Regtime Ltd

The signature at the bottom of the letter should belong to the domain Administrator (owner) and should be confirmed by a notary. It is also necessary to send us the copies of passport pages with personal information (usually first and second pages).