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Whois Terms of Use

Restrictions on the use of information

The Whois service is provided for informational purposes and can only be used to obtain information about the domain name and contact persons.

By using the Whois service, you agree to:

It is prohibited to:

Technical restrictions on the use of the Whois service

No more than 30 requests per minute and not more than 600 requests per hour are allowed from one IP address. Parallel requests are not allowed from the same IP address.

In case of exceeding the established limits, further requests are not processed.

If the established limits are repeatedly exceeded, access to the Whois service is blocked.

To restore access to the Whois service, you need to send an email to containing the following information:

In case of repeated blocking, RegTime Ltd reserves the right not to restore access to the Whois service.

RegTime Ltd reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

Description of possible WHOIS fields for domains .RU and .РФ

Field Description
Domain: Domain Name
Name server: a list of DNS servers that support a domain (if the server name contains a domain name, then its IP addresses are also indicated)
Status: state of the object
Administrator: the name of the organization that is the domain administrator (in English) or the hidden name of the person who is the domain administrator (Private person)
Registrar: the name of the organization that is the domain registrar (in English)
Contact Administrator: link forwarding to the form to contact the domain administrator by sending a message to his email.
Registered: domain registration date or transfer date from another Registrar.
Paid to: date on which the domain is paid.
The end date of the preemptive extension period: the planned release date of the domain.
Data source: source of information