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Procedure for Receipt, Handling, and Tracking of Abuse Reports

Registrar Abuse Contact Email:

Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +7 (846) 3733047

This procedure document outlines the procedure for the receipt, handling, and tracking of abuse reports

  1. Registrar's abuse email address or phone number receives report of abuse from a valid, reliable source, determined at Registrar's discretion.
  2. The report of abuse will be reviewed by our Head of support service and the responsible Technical support engineer.
  3. The Technical support engineer and Head of support service will coordinate with the registered name holder to begin the issue resolution process, in case that abuse report is valid.
  4. Registrar will continue to follow up with the registered name holder to see that the reported issue has been resolved.
  5. If resolution is not in place by the mandated timeframe, Registrar will take further action and follow up continuously with the registered name holder until resolution is met.
  6. Registrar will coordinate with the registry in the event there is a need for suspension or termination of the domain registration.
  7. Once the abuse report has been resolved, Registrar will create an incident report and keep the records of the incident for at least two years, pursuant to section 3.18.3 of the 2013 ICANN RAA.
  8. Registrar will notify complainant of the result of issue resolution process. If abuse report is not valid, Registrar will advise complainant to contact correct authorities.